Doraclover is fan character.



Doraclover is green robot cat, hobby is a singer, a good voice, sometimes not (if he is sick), he wears a ribbon. He often sing the song is Close Your Eyes by Daybehavior, Close Your Eyes (Activated Mix) by Daybehavior, My Only Shining Star by NAOKI feat. Becky Lucinda, and Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand (All songs is short version). A tail is green. Doraclover don't like to cancel the show singer. he phobia is trypophobia (a small hole number of very much) then he would goosebumps, but not he afraid, He worried trypophobia in real. He friends is Doraemon, Pawaemon, Dorarinyo, Dora The Kid, He enemies is Giant, because he sing is sounds nice.


  • He is second character by Emilioalzamora20.
  • "All songs is short version" meaning is game song Dance Dance Revolution.

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