Doraemac is another character created by ForTheLoveOfDoof. Doraemac is a red and peach male robotic cat with ears, whiskers, a pink nose, black eyes, a pouch, a black tail with a pink circle at its tip, and a green collar with a yellow bell. He is the son of Doraemia and Doraemark and has three other siblings named Doraemay, Doraemolly, and Doraemason. Doraemac looks up to his older brother Doraemason, who's not exactly the best role model, regardless of the fact that Doraemason has absolutely nothing to do with him and is more focused on causing trouble on his own terms.


Doraemac is extremely shy, but he also tries to break out of his shell at times. He is most comfortable around his love interest Doraemona, a pink and white female robotic cat with ears, whiskers, black eyes, a red nose, a pouch with a yellow and red flower in the center of it, a black tail with a red and yellow flower at its tip, a darker pink bow on her head, and a darker pink bow around her tail. She is a lot like him personality-wise, being just as shy as she is, so the two get along well. Secretly, Doraemona shares Doraemac's feelings for her.

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