Doraemon (2017 spin-off) is a 2017 anime spin-off of the series "Doraemon (2005 anime)".



こんにちは! こんにちは! ネイ! - ネイ! - ねえ! - ねえ! - ワイ! - ワイ! あなたが彼のガジェットを必要とするとき、彼はどこにでもあります。 比較することができますあなたに誰もありません。 彼は、驚くほど良いと非常にうれしいです。 彼は、おかしいクールだとマウスが好きではありません。

Insert songs


Season 1

  • Episode 1 and 2: The Dora Timeline Machine - Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka invites Suneo, Gian and Dekisugi to see their timeline. This is also a 1 hour special episode.
  • Episode 3: Oppositer 101 (formerly known as Singing Plus Food Plus Gian Equals?) - Gian knows that his food and singing is deadly so he asks Doraemon a favour.
  • Episode 4: Everywhere Key - Nobita's mother, Tamako Nobi had a mysterious birthday because Mrs. Tamako Nobi is locked in the bathroom. Then Nobita borrows Doraemon's gadget that is the Everywhere Key.
  • Episode 5: Suneo's In Love - Suneo is in love with a mysterious new pretty girl in the school.
  • Episode 6: Love Tracker Part 1- Doraemon's Love Story - A three part special for celebrating Valentine's Day.
  • Episode 7: Love Tracker Part 2 - Nobita's True Love - A three part special for celebrating Valentine's Day.
  • Episode 8: Love Tracker Part 3 - Dorami and Shizuka's Secret Love - A three part special for celebrating Valentine's Day.
  • Episode 9: The Smartest of Them All - It's math test at the school and when it's number 43: Write the symbol of phi! Nobita draws a blueberry pie. Then Nobita gets zero again. Then at home, Doraemon laughs and give him a gadget that make him smart.
  • Episode 10: TBA - TBA
  • Episode 11: Seeashi's Castle - Nobita's great-great-grandson, Sewashi Nobi builds a castle in the year 2112.


Main Characters

Name Voice Actor Details
Japanese English Dub Japanese Dubbed Voice
Doraemon Dora-Nobi Doraemon Dora-Nobi Chisa Yokoyama (episode 1), Wasabi Mizuta (episode 1-) Mona Marshall (United States)/Unknown (United Kingdom)/Sonal Kaushal (Hindi)/Jimmy Figeroa, Jefferson Utanes and Bernie Malejana (Phillipines)/Irwin Daayaan (Polish)
Nobita Nobi Noby Nobi Mai Kadowaki (episode 1), Masato Kawanago & Hori Hideyuki (episode 2), Megumi Ohara (episode 1-) Johnny Yong Bosch (Untied States)/Muriel Hoffmann (United Kingdom)/Simaran Kaur (Hindi)/Jimmy Figeroa, Jeffearson Utanes and Mark Ivan Uy (Phillipines)/Agnieszka Fajlhauer (Polish)
Shizuka Minamoto Sue Morris Yumi Kakazu (episode 1-) Cassandra Lee Morris (United States)/Catherine Fu (United Kingdom)/Parul Bhatnagar (Hindi)/Unknown (Phillipines)/Beata Wyrabkiewicz (Polish)
Takeshi "Gian" Gouda Takeshi "Big G" Goda Subaru Kimura (episode 1-) Kaiji Tang (United States)/Dave Bridges (United Kingdom)/Deepansh Kakkar (Hindi)/Robert Brillantes (Phillipines)/Cezary Kwiecinski (Polish)
Suneo Honekawa Sneech Tomokazu Seki (episode 1-) Brian Beacock/Ben Margalith (United Kingdom)/Wajahat Ul Hassan (Hindi)/Robert Brillantes&Steven Bontogon (Phillipines)/Anna Sztjener (Polish)
Hidetoshi Dekisugi Ace Goody

Shinya Otaki (episode 3), Sumoko Shirakawa (episode 4&5), Shihoko Hagino (episode 1&2,6-)

Spike Spencer (United States)/Unknown (United Kingdom & Hindi)/Christian Alvear (Phillipines)/Krzysztof Szczepaniak (Polish)

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