Shipping (カップリング Kappuringu) or pairing/coupling is commonly done in every animanga series, including Doraemon.

Main character to Main character

  • Doraemon & Nobita- (ドラのび DoraNobi)
  • Nobita & Shizuka- most popular shipping due to their romantic moments & their marriage in the future
  • Suneo & Jaian- (ジャイのび JaiSune) commonly seened shipping in the social network. Also shipped due to the episode "Imprinting Egg" & the movie "Stand by Me Doraemon".
  • Jaian & Nobita- (ジャイのび JaiNobi)
  • Doraemon & Shizuka- due to the 1979 episode of Winning Back Shizuka-chan that in Nobita's dream, Shizuka picks Doraemon over Nobita & Dekisugi.
  • Suneo & Shizuka- some people prefer them over Nobita & Shizuka.

Main character to Minor character

  • Dekisugi & Nobita- (出木のび DekiNobi)
  • Riruru & Shizuka- (リルしず RiruShizu)
  • Dekisugi & Shizuka- Uncommon shipping. Most people prefer Nobita & Shizuka rather than Dekisugi & Shizuka.
  • Doraemon & Mii-chan
  • Nobita & Miyoko
  • Nobita & Clem
  • Nobita & Lulli(As Lulli sacrificed herself to save Nobita)
  • Nobita & Sophia 
  • Nobita & Riruru
  • Suneo & Mai-chan
  • Doraemon & Noramyako

Minor character to Minor character

  • Dora the Kid & Dorami

Main character to Fanon character

  • Doraemix and Doraemon (Mixaemon) - People often ship these two due to Doraemix's obsession over Doraemon.
  • Doraemira and Doraemon
  • Nobita & Aimy (あいの AiNo)
  • Suneo & Natsumi
  • Jaian & Mei

Feel free to add your shippings here!

Minor character to Fanon character

  • Kurt & Ayanna
  • Sewashi and Rebecca
  • Doraemix and Sewashi (Sewaemix) - Some people prefer this over Doraemix and Doraemon due to them being best friends.
  • Sweashi & Sachiko
  • Pawaemon & Paruka

Feel free to add your shippings here!

Fanon character to Fanon character

  • Daisuke & Chouko (だいちょう DaiChou)

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