Minamoto Shizuka is one of the main characters in the When Phineas meet Nobita series. She was Isabella Garcia Shapiro's best friend. She was actually the classic Shizuka, who had became one of the Rebels to destroy the Galactic Empire.


Minamoto Shizuka


Early life

Minamoto Shizuka is born in the family Minamoto, Japan. She was a girl with white skin and brown hair.

Shizuka is nice, and she always love her bird. She is also the best friend of Nobita, Suneo, Gian.

Meet the Birdpia

Shizuka, Nobita and Doraemon met Gusuke, who fall to the tree.

They saved him and come with him to Birdpia.

Two years later, Shizuka became a Rebel. She and Isabella became friends.

Married to Nobita

When Shizuka was 30, she would marry to Nobita and having a son.


Nobita and Shizuka's wedding


Shizuka is a girl with white skin and brown hair. She has a lovely face. Shizuka's dress is pink.


Shizuka in Birdpia

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