What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me is a song from the series The Doraemon Ponies, inspired by MLP.

It is about how the mane five's cutie marks got mixed up and they are all doing the wrong jobs.(If you dont know what their cutie marks are, then i suggest you go here and read them or you will get confused).



I don't get these building plans

No, not one little bit

Broken bits and lots of stuff

More things I need to fix

It's up to me to mend them

Cause plainly you can see

It's got to my destiny

And it's what my cutie mark is telling me


Why won't this computer turn on?

This phone's screen just went black!

Where do all these cables go?

I'm as confused as heck!

Computer chips and SIM cards

I need to know more tech!

It has to be my destiny

Cause it's what my cutie mark is telling me


I dont care much for sheet music

The piano isn't that easy

I tried to play the violin

But that noise just makes my ears bleed

Then there's the flute and harpsichord

It's no fun being me

But it has to be my destiny

Cause it's what my cutie mark is telling me


I just cannot hit the target

No matter what I try

The arrow, it goes left and right

But not in the bullseye

I've got a terrible aim

Archery's not my thing!

But it has to be


It has to be...


My destiny...


My destiny...


Cause it's what my cutie mark...

It's what my cutie mark

Yes, it's what my cutie mark is telling me!

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